Safe and Secure
Measures for Visiting

In an attempt to make NCS a safe and secure place for our children we will be following these safe and secure measures. These measures are not meant to make NCS an unfriendly environment or discourage visits, These measures are simply intended to help us responsibly identify who is here visiting the school. We ask that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the following “Safe and Secure” measures.



1. Notification is displayed on unlocked doors leading into the building directing visitors to visit the office first.

Who are visitors? Visitors are parents, relatives, acquaintances, and anyone who may not be recognized as having a connection with the school’s function by some staff or students.

2. Visitors will sign in at the office no matter how brief the visit may be and be given a visitor’s pass. Visitors will sign out and return the visitor’s pass before leaving.

3. Visitors who do not have a visitor’s pass will be directed in a kind manner to visit the office to secure a visitor’s pass.


Planning on volunteering for a field trip or school event?  

Please view our volunteer clearances