At Nittany Christian School, we put a great deal of effort and research into selecting the best materials and curricula for your children. This means that we often choose the best elements from among various publishers, both Christian and secular, and as a private school we have the freedom to do so. We carefully select our teaching materials and confidently rely on the expertise of our highly-skilled teachers to adapt coursework to fit the needs of their specific class.



Christ-centered.     Hands-on.      Engaging. 

Students spend their day moving around, creating, exploring and interacting while learning. Our small class size (capped at 16) provides many opportunities for differentiation and one-on-one time with the teacher, allowing students to have their individual academic needs addressed. In addition to developing academics, kindergarten focus on developing servant-leaders to equip them for life.


       Biblical.       Nurturing.       Formative.

 Our elementary classrooms offer a fun and engaging learning environment. Language arts and math education combined whole-group instruction and small-group focused learning. We offer learning support and enrichment opportunities to meet the needs of all learners. Character development is an integral part of everything we do. We desire to shape both the outward behavior and the heart of each child.




Explorative.     Equipping.     Encouraging.

NCS is a great place for students to navigate thought the tricky middle school years! Personal, caring relationships with fellow students and teachers provide an environment where students grow academically and spiritually. Courses are challenging and designed to build critical thinking skills. Leveled math courses allow students to learn at an appropriate pace and enter high school at and advanced level. STEM education is integral to our curriculum as well as studies in history, Bible, English, Science, Spanish, and more which offer students engaging and hands-on learning opportunities. Extracurricular sports, student government, drama, math and science opportunities for students to get involved and learn by doing.

I was a student at Nittany Christian School from Pre-school to 5th Grade. I am currently finishing my master’s degree at Penn State in School Counseling and I attribute much of my academic success to the foundational knowledge that I gained at NCS.
— NCS Alumni