Read What Students and Alumni Are Saying

“This is my sixth year attending NCS. I’ve made many great memories, funny memories, and great friends here, and I know God has more great memories for me at Nittany Christian School. NCS is very special. The students and teachers alike are all very nice, warming and caring like one big family. Every day when I come into school, I look forward to seeing all my friends and the teachers. Every day is different. Some days are special with a guest, surprise, or special event. So, truthfully I’d recommend NCS to everybody because NCS is encouraging, forgiving, gracious, welcoming, comforting, and a great place for education. Love to learn, Learn to love.”

4th Grade


“I went to Nittany Christian from fourth grade up to eighth, and it was one of my best school experiences. I loved all of my teachers, and developed great relationships with some that I still have today. I greatly appreciated the time my teachers took to help me understand material or talk to me about how I was doing. I knew I could always come to my teachers to help me out, even if it was not school related. Nittany Christian kept me thinking about, and reading the Bible. The staff took the middle school on retreats where we worshiped and dove into the Word, which was always refreshing. My teachers help prepare me for high school by pushing, and encouraging me to do better. I love Nittany Christian, I like to call my middle school years there ‘the glory days’ because they were just so great.”



“I like NCS because my teacher is nice and they teach about the bible and there are fun speakers and cool singers too. I like science. It is fun because you do experiments. The teachers help a lot and plan good field trips. I have super friends.”

2nd Grade


“I have learned so much at Nittany Christian School. The teachers work so hard to make sure their classes are fun and to make sure that the students understand the material being taught. The whole NCS staff is very kind and welcoming, making NCS a really pleasant place to be. I have made so many unforgettable memories with friends and even the teachers. Most importantly my experience at NCS has helped me to grow in my relationship with God. NCS has become one of my favorite places to be.”

6th Grade


“For my entire life my family and I have been in close relation with Nittany Christian School, but it wasn’t until I was in kindergarten I got to personally know and love NCS.

During my first days I was extremely quiet and shy however, the teachers and students made me feel welcomed and excited for the days to follow. It has been nine years since my first day and now I am preparing to write a new chapter of my life in high school. I will miss NCS greatly although, I will always have the wonderful memories of my days there and all the sweet people I’ve shared them with.

At NCS I was blessed beyond belief with teachers who were full of nothing but love for each of their students. At NCS I’ve learned a great deal not only the basics of what a school is required to teach, I learned how to love I learned about friendship and what a pure necessity it is. Caring, responsibilities, trust, honesty, and so many more. But at the end of the day what I truly learned the most about at NCS was myself I discovered things about me that only NCS could help me find. I discovered talents, interests, and gifts through NCS I couldn’t on my own. I learned about the Lord and truly accepted him into my heart through NCS. I have grown in confidence and love for the Lord, others, and myself through this school that I will always have close to my heart.”



“I was a student at Nittany Christian School from Pre-school to 5th Grade. I am currently finishing my master’s degree at Penn State in School Counseling and I attribute much of my academic success to the foundational knowledge that I gained at NCS. The school had such an effect on me because the teachers were not merely academic teachers, but life teachers. In addition to a rigorous core curriculum, I received the moral, Biblical instruction that has guided me through all the aspects of my life. I was treated by the faculty as an exceptional human being, loved dearly in the eyes of God. This education has been invaluable to me as I have entered the secular world as a competent professional seeking to please the Lord in all I do.

Graduate Student; Emphasis in School Counseling, Department of Counselor Education
The Pennsylvania State University


amanda“The bonds and relationships I gained while at Nittany Christian School are what I will always be eternally grateful for. Words can’t even describe the wonderful times I had with my friends at NCS as we learned and laughed together. During my middle school years especially, I was constantly surrounded by laughter and strong leaders as I was gently taught how to overcome the obstacles of life. I was educated on how to do everything to the glory of God and to take a stand for what was right, even if I was standing alone. The most precious memories, though, come from my class and my teachers. As a big, fun-loving family, my class and I formed unbreakable bonds throughout the years, bonds that still exist today. My teachers put their time and energy into nurturing those bonds, as well as being pillars of light and truth for us to lean on. Many of my teachers have impacted my life in unimaginable ways, constantly caring about my future, my education, and most importantly, my life. School was seldom a chore for me; it was a blessing. Two years later, as I look back on my time at NCS, I see many good and positive things that I’m so thankful for. Being at NCS for ten years has greatly helped me develop a strong and real relationship with God, a strong work ethic, and a positive outlook on life. It has also equipped me with the tools I need to not only survive this life, but to change the world. People always tell me I will one day do great things, and now, thanks to NCS, and thanks especially to God, I can truly say I believe them.”



“I attended Nittany Christian School for ten years…NCS helped push me toward falling in love with Jesus. It took a while, but finally during my middle school years at NCS I realized that my life was worth nothing if I wasn’t living for God; so I changed. Something that helped me change was the incredible knowledge of the Bible that NCS helped me gain. Through Bible lessons and weekly memory verses, I learned to know Scripture – and later to love it.”



“…Nittany Christian School did something for me that no other school could: It gave me a solid foundation in my faith that defines who I am. I cannot say I would be the same person had I not stuck with NCS. To this day I am thankful that I was blessed enough to go through its system and provide me with a good environment to set a strong relationship with God that I still carry with me.”



“Nittany Christian School was the best place for me to begin my education.  They truly taught me to love learning. I attended from kindergarten through eighth grade and every bit of it was worthwhile. The environment was so encouraging and welcoming that I never realized there were people who didn’t enjoy school until I got to high school. I felt confident and prepared in my knowledge and abilities after leaving NCS. The transition was not a problem at all. I’m thankful for the time I spent at Nittany Christian School.”