Celebrating Our 40th Year!

Middle School

IMG_239The middle school currently consists of sixth, seventh and eighth grade.The middle schoolers help to lead chapels, “Circle Time” (a morning routine), and a variety of other activities. One of the favorite things for middle schoolers is having a locker. They enjoy having their own personal space. Class changes, flexible lunch periods, and life sciences help to make the middle school experience unique.

Latin is the language taught throughout middle school. Sixth-graders study will also study some Spanish as a natural part of their social studies units on Latin America. In sixth, seventh and eighth grades, Latin is studied as a separate subject. Bible, English, and reading round out the students’ day. Novels and research papers are integrated into the curriculum. The focus of science in sixth grade is general science with the dissection of mussels, fish, and frogs. In seventh and eighth grades, the students are exposed to life, physical, and earth sciences. The social studies curriculum in sixth grade focuses on the western hemisphere. The students are introduced to Aztec, Incan, and Mayan civilizations and to the areas of Mexico, South America, Central America, and Canada through simulations, projects, and activities. Also new for the 2010-2011 school year is the addition of Geography and Logic. Computer classes and study skills classes help to enrich the curriculum.

MS pyramidThe teachers work together to integrate the various subjects and team-teach when appropriate. The students are given opportunities to participate in competitions for art, music, math, spelling, and science.

The academic life at Nittany Christian can be seen in each classroom as students are challenged to perform to their greatest potential. The learning takes place in an environment that is fun, nurturing, and stimulating.


Love to Learn, Learn to Love