Classes should be a safe haven to learn, explore, and grow.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

NCS-story-timeThe K-2 team of teachers works closely together to provide opportunities for growth in a safe and nurturing environment. The days are filled with activities that promote academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth. A theme throughout the K-2 team is that every child is lovable and capable. God’s Word is the map that guides each student to do their best. Core subjects of reading, math, and language are engaged in creative writing, social studies, science, fine arts, and technology. A highlight of each grade is to learn about the people and cultures of this world. Kindergarten explores Australia, First Grade travels to Africa, and Second Grade discovers Canada and Mexico.

3rd – 5th Grade

NCS-4th-Grade_1The 3-5 team works together to guide students in comprehending and applying Biblical principles to daily life while encouraging students to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. Academically, we focus on providing the best learning environment for each class, as well as each student.

In Math, we focus on the how and why of calculations and problem solving, as well as answering, “When am I going to use this in real life?” Students in 3-5 learn about the geography and history of our state and our country in Social Studies and also discover God’s unique design of life and the world around us in Science.Throughout our language and literature units, we cover all genres of literature and encourage life-long reading and writing skills.