At Nittany Christian School, we put a great deal of effort and research into selecting the best materials and curricula for your children. This means that we often choose the best elements from among various publishers, both Christian and secular, and as a private school we have the freedom to do so. We carefully select our teaching materials and confidently rely on the expertise of our highly-skilled teachers to adapt coursework to fit the needs of their specific class.

A major topic of consideration for parents today is the Common Core State Standards for Math and Language Arts which is dominating public education. At NCS, we have a great respect for traditional education, as well as a focus on working closely with parents. One of our academic goals is for students of NCS to excel at current and future stages of their education, no matter where they go from here. For this reason we try to match or exceed the academic expectations of the Common Core and the public school systems. We will, however, remain true to the classic methods of learning that have been practiced for years. Our goal is that students will have acquired an equivalent or higher skill level when compared to students of the same age across the country. If you have further questions about how we select curriculum or about our teaching methodology, please contact our Principal, Nancy Eberly, who will be glad to speak with you directly.